Atmel Tech on Tour at EELive!
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McEnery Convention Center
150 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95110

Exhibit Dates & Hours:

Tuesday April 1
Tuesday April 1 (Expo Party) 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Wednesday April 2
Thursday April 3

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Visit the Atmel® Tech on Tour Mobile Training Center on the show floor at EELive! where Atmel will be showcasing  new technologies and innovations in touch, security, microcontrollers, wireless, lighting, and automotive applications. From the Internet of Things to the Maker movement and wearables, Atmel is at the heart of many of the new innovations on the market today. You can see a collection of great demonstrations  in our new mobile technology showcase, including:
  • Secret Labs’ AGENT Smartwatch with the Atmel SAM4S and Atmel tinyAVR® microcontrollers 
  • Philips Hue Bulbs with Atmel’s ZigBee and Lightweight Mesh Stack
  • Turtle Beach i60 Wireless Gaming Headset with Atmel Wi-Fi Direct
  • Roku3 remote with Atmel Wi-Fi Direct
  • Hand Drill with Atmel CryptoAuthentication™
  • MakerBot 3D Printer with Atmel AVR® Microcontrollers
  • Venstar Color Touch Thermostat with Atmel  ARM9 microcontroller
  • ASUS T100 Transformer with Atmel’s maxTouch® T-Series capacitive touch controller and Atmel XSense® metal mesh touch sensors
  • Atmel Studio 6.1 Integrated Development Environment
  • ... and more
You'll also have a chance to speak with an Atmel Technology Expert. Ask your toughest design questions, learn about industry trends, and get advice. They are there to help.

You’ll also have a chance to hear an Atmel Tech Talk from a technology expert on topics like the “Internet of Things” or “Atmel’s Commitment to Education and the Maker Community”.  Come by the Atmel Tech on Tour Trailer to learn more.

In addition, learn more about Atmel’s Tech on Tour hands-on training.  Our in-depth technical training has proven such a roaring success in the past that we’ve decided to take the show on the road for the first time ever in North America! We’ve packed a ton of our best demos, tech talks and training into a huge mobile trailer and we’re driving it across the country, stopping at as many cities as we can, including one near you.

Internet of Things Engineering Summit Sponsored by Atmel and xively
Date:    Wednesday, April 2 & Thursday, April 3

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quite possibly the biggest change impacting electronics design engineers today. Learn from experts and practitioners about opportunities and challenges in connecting embedded systems to the cloud—from end nodes and gateways, networking strategies, operating systems and middleware stacks, to the latest trends in security, sensors, and business models.

Vendor Training Session

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 @ 11:00 – 11:45 am
The Major Components for the Internet of Things
Patrick Sullivan, Vice President of MCUs, Atmel Corporation

Pierre Roux, Sr. Manager of Wireless, Atmel Corporation

Market research predicts over 50 billion Internet of Things (Iot) devices will have been shipped by 2020. While market research may make these predictions, the majority of the population still does not understand the concept of IoT in its entirety. Simply put, IoT can be the way things are connected seamlessly to the Internet, either through a peer-to-peer connection or through a separate host that will link to the Internet.

In this presentation, we will discuss the concept of IoT, or what we see as seamless connectivity to the Internet with any device. The discussion will take a deeper dive into the three main aspects of IoT including:

  • Embedded processing and security: a secure microcontroller or microprocessor that is the ‘brain’ to the device.
  • Connectivity and interface: the technologies behind connecting a device, either wirelessly with technologies such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth or infrared or through a wired connection such as powerline communications, along with the required sensor that allows the user to interface with the device.
  • Software tools and development: hardware capability is an important component in IoT, but it’s the software, firmware and collaborative tools that will keep the device scalable as the infrastructure to maintain connectivity changes throughout the life of the device.
  • How a company can successfully be positioned in IoT based on these three important factors.

Internet of Things Engineering Summit